Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Keep your iPod Warm This Winter

Our house seems to be accumulating a number of iPods, mp3 players and mobile phones, all of varying shapes and sizes, so finding compatible covers for them is starting to become a challenge. Combining this conundrum with my love of fabrics I have developed a new line in iPod sleeves/socks/cozy's - whatever you wish to call them.

I love this fabric - I've called it a Busy Ant Fabric - and it just seemed to suit the size of this iPod cover. I added a crocheted band in white and a button for the closure.

This one has been listed in my Folksy shop, I shall be displaying more at the Oxford handm@de craft fair on Sunday then adding more to my Folksy and Etsy shops next week.


Gemheaven said...

Very cool but I must be the only one who hasn't got an ipod yet lol!!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Lovely - really nice, especially with the closure.

I don't have an ipod either!

Lin said...

Its lovely and I don't have an ipod either!!!