Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Creating Corsages

I love crocheting flower brooches and corsages, and up until recently I'd been making them mainly in one colour, sometimes felting them, sometimes adding a contrasting colour button. Recently I've been inspired by the ever growing collection of coloured balls of wool that lie at my feet each evening to create some multi-coloured ones.

This one is quite chic I think - classic white and slate grey - both fine wools which create a delicate looking flower.

When the light is a bit brighter here I shall take some photos of the more vivid colour combinations I'm coming up with (imagine purples and vivid greens and bight reds and that'll give you some idea!)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Red Nose Day and Crafteroo

Crafter..oo is a wonderful UK based craft forum, and this year members have been donating lovely hand crafted items to the Crafter..oo shop over at Folksy, in order to raise funds for Comic Relief.

There are some great items, and so far over £450 has been raised - I snapped up some great buttons from hollingdale designs, and there are plenty more delights on sale:

Lovely lavender rice bag by meridian

Bright sunshine stripe pendant by Blue Fairy

And these delicate pink flower earrings by miabelle

I donated one of my flower corsages which was bought this morning (thank you!)

So please call into the crafteroo/folksy shop, buy something lovely and handmade and raise money for Comic Relief!

Friday, 6 March 2009

iPod Attire and Random Notes

Only a few weeks til the Handm@de Cambridge craft fair (April 4th - come along!) hence the sudden panic of "eek have I got enough stock!"

Had a successful sewing day this week and made 5 more iPod Touch covers:

They were all intended for the craft fair but I couldn't resist adding one to my folksy and etsy shops.

Meanwhile back in home hazard land:
Anyone with a small person or 4 legged being will know the frequency that cups and mugs somehow manage to splurt their contents all over floors, tables and chairs - generally accompanied by a cry of "It wasn't me!".

In our house a shout goes out of "spillage of the day!" each time this occurs. Usually on a daily basis. This week the floor was drenched in a cupful of water (these cups do like throw themselves around) and my youngest decided to write a sign to ensure no-one would walk on the offending spot.

" "Don't Walk Here" is what I am going to write" stated the child and proceeded to write the sign and celotape it to a nearby chair. Here is said sign:

I think that sums things up nicely.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mad Men - This I Love

How did I miss this fantastic series when it 1st aired? How could such a wonderful array of clothes and hair and cigarettes and high heels pass me by? Yes I have just discovered the brilliance of Mad Men (thank you M for lending me the DVD!)

loving the buttons on this:

And this is one delectable sofa - not to mention the wall art:

I am now getting an urge to source vintage shops for just the right sort of dress - patterned fabric, clinched waist, buttons - though retraining myself to walk in stilettos may be something of an issue...