Friday, 6 March 2009

iPod Attire and Random Notes

Only a few weeks til the Handm@de Cambridge craft fair (April 4th - come along!) hence the sudden panic of "eek have I got enough stock!"

Had a successful sewing day this week and made 5 more iPod Touch covers:

They were all intended for the craft fair but I couldn't resist adding one to my folksy and etsy shops.

Meanwhile back in home hazard land:
Anyone with a small person or 4 legged being will know the frequency that cups and mugs somehow manage to splurt their contents all over floors, tables and chairs - generally accompanied by a cry of "It wasn't me!".

In our house a shout goes out of "spillage of the day!" each time this occurs. Usually on a daily basis. This week the floor was drenched in a cupful of water (these cups do like throw themselves around) and my youngest decided to write a sign to ensure no-one would walk on the offending spot.

" "Don't Walk Here" is what I am going to write" stated the child and proceeded to write the sign and celotape it to a nearby chair. Here is said sign:

I think that sums things up nicely.


AMIdesigns said...

So sweet! Great Ipod covers, I'm sure they'll sell well at the fair

rachellucie said...

kids are just great, aren't they?! (if somewhat messy...)

Nic said...

'Don't work her' Love it!! Don't spill the cups, then ;) They get spilt here regularly too, infact some weeks, I swear one of them knocks a cup over every teatime. Thankfully we have a lino floor ;)

Jacqui at Fibre Dreams said...

Just a hello from Jacqui @Fibre Dreams at Folksy

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks for the laugh! I loved the little story :)

bex said...

hi there, found your blog through flickr...thought id pop over and say hi. i have to say that you have the same button thing as me...i cant fit any more in but when i found them in charity shops i CAN NOT leave them. i also find sorting them therapeutic to!! if you want pop over to my blog and say hi!
p.s. great ipod cases