Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Creating Corsages

I love crocheting flower brooches and corsages, and up until recently I'd been making them mainly in one colour, sometimes felting them, sometimes adding a contrasting colour button. Recently I've been inspired by the ever growing collection of coloured balls of wool that lie at my feet each evening to create some multi-coloured ones.

This one is quite chic I think - classic white and slate grey - both fine wools which create a delicate looking flower.

When the light is a bit brighter here I shall take some photos of the more vivid colour combinations I'm coming up with (imagine purples and vivid greens and bight reds and that'll give you some idea!)


Gill said...

That's lovely!! The white/grey combo is very smart!!

Kitty Ballistic said...

That's really pretty - sophisticated too.

Kate said...

ooh pretty, you know how much I love your corsages!

Izabela said...

oh I love the color combination! it is great!

nicki said...

I like grey a lot at the moment so love this!
just flew in to say i've nominated you for an award....but my blog skills seem to be rubbish today and I can't link yo it from here! Soooo annoying!
Nicki x