Sunday, 14 December 2008

Head Turning

Skies are grey and that nip in the air is sure to tingle your ears. Me being one of short hair notices it most. Hats are a must.

I crocheted quite a few hats for the last few craft fairs I did this year and they were pretty much all snapped up - I had a colour scheme ranging from blues to lilac to pink to brown (something to suit everyone.

So I thought I'd better get that crochet hook out and make a few for my online shops:

And I have a cupboard full of more lovely wools that are just crying out to be made into a hat - though I seem to spend too much time deliberating on colour schemes. Perhaps I should just add a big sign to my shops saying "tell me your favourite colour and I'll make you a hat!"


Suzanne Vaughan said...

The red one is WONDERFUL - me to a T.

Primrose Corner said...

Beautiful hats and the red one is just right for brightening up the winter gloom.

Anonymous said...

I wear this kind of hat all the time in winter, it's crochet in beige with a brooch on it. Might be looking to buy another at some point... ;)