Thursday, 19 February 2009

More Buttons?

Oh yes I'm afraid so - another batch of vintage buttons has arrived in the cloudhopping household.

Where they will live remains an uncertainty due to my already bulging button boxes (all 6 of them) who cry out "no room at the inn!" each time I arrive home rattling little bags and boxes full of button delights.

So button sorting awaits, a strangely therapeutic task, and I promise not to buy any more buttons for at least...erm...a week?


Hens Teeth said...

Hey....from one Stafford girl to another.....we seem to sing from the same hymn page! My collection of buttons is bordering on the obscene!
Great blog!

Noodlefish Crafts said...

Lol, I keep promising hubby I won't buy any more until I've used the already over flowing boxes, tins, bags.... Broke that promise several times :S