Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sewing For The Greyhounds

Ever since adopting my greyhound Casey I have tried to support greyhound rescue charities in whatever way I could - either taking Casey along to greyhound rescue promotion events, attending fund raising dog shows, and of course donating items to the handmade4hounds shop on Etsy.

My local greyhound rescue, Greyhound Gap, will be running an auction for a week from the 3rd September. All the auction goodies have been donated, and already there are items being added to the on-line forum in preparation.

These are the 2 items I have been working on over the past few days for the auction:

Small embroidered greyhound picture, the hound profile is the logo for the Greyhound Gap charity:

Phone/gadget cover, featuring a greyhound profile:

The auction is being run to raise funds for one of Greyhound Gap's sponser dogs, Fleck. Greyhound Gap's founder, Lisa writes:

"Fleck is one of our sponsor dogs who landed in our care worse for wear, his ears had been home docked with scissors and his tail has undergone what we think seems to be a dodgy/home amputation. He was also very under weight with bite marks all around his ankles, they seem to be scars from possible rat bites and there is every chance that he has been left for a long number of years in a shed with minimal care.
Fleck also had co ordination problems and sadly recently he had a fall where he splayed himself out and hurt himself. This lead to us needing to investigate and it seems he may have a problem with compressed discs or disc damage at the lower end of his spine."

Read more on Fleck here.

Fleck will be undergoing his investigations on the 6th September. Lets hope the auction raises his much needed funds.


averilpam said...

What a sad story, there is just no excuse for neglecting a dog whether it's a pet or a working animal.

Creating Trouble said...

OMG that story of Fleck makes me feel nauseous! While I'm not a pet lover due to insane allergies, I just don't understand why anyone would hurt a loyal and beautiful creature. It is disgusting what some people think is acceptable.

cloudhopping said...

I know, I too struggle to understand why people behave in cruel ways. I have met Fleck and he is such a lovely dog too.

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