Friday, 9 September 2011

In The Red

When you find the perfect shade of red wool to match that deep red fabric that you couldn't resist buying - well they just had to come together to make a few new clutch bags:

The fabric is an unusual print, dotted with images of an Edwardian lady. I've used the same wool too for both bags - a lovely merino wool that has a subtle two-tone effect. One of the bags I pleated the fabric and crocheted a handle, while for the other one I crocheted a larger piece that covers the back of the bag as well as the fold-over top.

Both heading for my Etsy shop!


Secret Sheep said...

Nice work. I've had to let crochet take a back seat as it makes my wrists hurt. So it's back to Plan A, which was always the knitting.

Anonymous said...


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thanks :)