Monday, 14 July 2008

Garden Soup

A delicious summer soup recipe created by Alice.


I cupful of orange juice
I cupful of rainwater
2 handfuls of rose petals
1 handful of grass
Slivers of apple
2 oz dried pasta
Shredded tissue
A few twigs


1. Whilst parents are not looking remove orange juice from fridge and take into garden.
2. Wander around the garden gathering your ingredients.
3. Add the ingredients into any container you discover (search house and garden).
4. Realise the soup is not quite perfect so sneak into house to obtain some pasta and apple. Also "borrow" some tissues while you are there.
5. Tear up the tissues into pieces and add to the mix until they are completely soggy.
5. Add this to the broth and stir with one of mummy's pegs and a red crayon.
6. Carry the dish precariously into the house to show off your masterpiece.
7. Wonder if the tissue was just too much so remove, squeezing as you do, then deposit said tissue all around the garden.
8. Serve and enjoy!


oldbagcrafts said...

LOL, thank you for bringing back some memories for me - I used to do things like that! And now I have my own to do things like that. Great photos, too :D

incywincy said...

lol - This made me giggle :D

I used to love making perfume and so does Em. x
But Em loves adding herbs (maily Chives), so all the perfumes smell like onions!!

kim* said...

ok from reading the comments, its just a fun thing to do. not really eat, right?????

cloudhopping said...

I wouldn't recommend eating it!

jezzabell said...

haha it looks exactly like my one when I was little - I was lucky and used to spend every summer at my grandma`s and in the garden making lots and lots of silly things like that! It lovely!