Sunday, 3 August 2008

Misty Beach Life

Have just returned from a wonderful camping holiday in Northumberland (hence the neglected blog) which was full of sun, BBQ's, castles, bike rides, ice-cream, more ice-cream, and the most amazing landscapes.

The sun appeared nearly every day, but what I also found beautiful was when a sea mist would descend suddenly - standing on the beach in glorious sunshine one minute, unable to see the sea the next.

Children's ability to create games without prompting or props is always a delight too - miles away from the play station/ TV/ computer world. The "sand hand" is a game of trying to build the biggest hand you can by piling up as much wet sand on top of your hand as you can without dropping it.

Meanwhile, the female of the clan decided rock pools made a perfect bath, and a shiny black beach stone was the soap.

British beach life at its best!


Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Wow what beautiful pics and a lovely story! = )

fly tie said...

that sea mist shot if really nice. reminds me of some of the pictures that are in the front of frames when you first buy them