Monday, 29 September 2008

Belt Up!

Along with my button addiction I am quickly developing a liking for belt buckles - particularly vintage ones. There are some good supply shops on Etsy - such as the englishbuttonco - that can feed my habit on a regular basis ( strange things happen to me if I don't get my button fix...)

My last buckle purchase was a selection of blue, red and cream buckles,just waiting for the right fabric or wool to marry to. On a recent trip to Hay-on-Wye I came across a lovely wool shop where I found a pure, unbleached, thick chocolate brown wool and the Belt Idea was born.

The Vintage Buckle Wool Belt is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.


Conscientia's Cameos said...

so unusual!

Deepa said...

looking so lovely, I love brown and white together :)

Izabela said...

oh! its great I love crochet belts!