Saturday, 6 September 2008

When Rain Helps To Craft

Oh what to do when you're out and about, its raining again, and you need to occupy small children. Well, just head for the nearest "craft for children" activity place, find a seat and relax for an hour or so while your little ones immerse themselves in paint.

We went to a lovely place called "Pot-a-doodle-do" while in Northumberland - you select a plain, pre-moulded pottery figure, grab your paints and brushes and settle down to decorate it as you wish.

Daughter selected a fairy, son a rocket (no conforming to stereotypes there then) and I just couldn't resist giving a helping hand.......

(note the furrowed brow of concentration on my face! Tricky business painting fairy wings!)

On the same site there were also a group of tipis and yurts that you could book in to stay, they looked irresistible, definitely something to add to my ever growing "to do" list.


kim* said...

love your hair cut...mine has been short for a long time and its finally growing again :)hair cuts like yours makes me want to cut mine but i wont this time for a long time.

jezzabell said...

hope you had a good time, my little ones just came back from summer holidays and yesterday they just nicked my polymer clay and played for an hour... it was good, quiet time for me!