Monday, 27 April 2009

Buttons And Gadgets

One of my favourite things when crafting and creating is spending an excessive amount of time sifting through one of my many vintage button boxes to find the exact button that will marry perfectly with whatever fabric I happen to be using at the time. And when I was making a few gadget/mobile phone/iPod cases I found myself whiling many a minute away selecting the perfectly perfect button.

Here are the combinations I came up with:

Love this big brown button!

A starry affair livened up with a splash of pink wool

Butterscotch button and tweed.

Must start to put these in my folksy and etsy shops too - that's after I've spent another inordinate amount of time thinking up names for them!


milomade said...

These look great - I think you made the right combinations with those buttons and fabric. I particularly like the Butterscotch button and tweed. What is the stitching you use on the edging? It looks great with the tweed - is that done with a sewing machine?

bex said...

picking out the buttons is my favorite part too!! my mum recently brought me a huge load of buttons up and ive spent ages sifting through them!

cloudhopping said...

The stitching used is done with my shiny new toy - my new overlocker. Which is fantastic!

Kitty Noir said...

These are Fandabbydoozie!I love the star one with a splash of pink, it looks fab! xXx