Sunday, 12 April 2009

Stalls, Snips and Trips

Its been a busy old week - started off with the handm@de craft fair in Cambridge, which was great fun - so nice to meet up with some of the lovely crafty folk I'd met last year at Oxford - amongst them paperleaf, quercus silver, pennydog, twinklyspangle - and also to discover some other great handmade delights - such as the lovely Fabric Nation, Made by Kate, and Hannahchan.

This is my stall - apologies for the poor quality photo, but there are lots more images of the fair on the handm@de flickr page.

Meanwhile over in the "its the half -term holiday and I am a child what can I do now" world, what happens when you get a boy of 7, a pair of scissors, a bathroom mirror and an active imagination? This is the fringe result of that combination. Not sure about the boy's new look myself.

There was nothing else to do but head out of the door in an attempt to channel that energy elsewhere.


Kate said...

Ah I remember school holidays and being so bored - if only we had that sort of carefree time off now! Looks like you're managing to entertain them though! Happy easter :)

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to see you again at Cambridge, Cloudhopping. I hope it was a successful event for you. Love your son's haircut :-)

jolicious said...

I did exactly the same to my hair at the same age!! I got sellotape stuck across my fringe so figured the easiest way to deal with it was to cut it off!! You son's picture brought it all back!

Fabric Nation said...

Lovely to meet you too! And great fringe. I have many fringe memories too, including one of trying to make my hair curly by wrapping it round and round a hair brush! ouch.