Saturday, 12 April 2008

New Day, New Blog, New Bag

So the Crafting Life continues......for the past few months I have been trying to get into a rhythm of life, crafting, designing bags, opening my Etsy shop, learning all I can about selling crafts online - oh and remembering to wash the dishes.

My Etsy shop has been open for about 6 weeks now and have had 3 sales, I have also developed and addiction for browsing fabric stores for hours on end and seem to be aquiring rather a large stash of printed fabrics. Hmmm just need an extra 236 hours a week to actually create things from all my stock.

Latest projects have been these cute little crochet bracelets which are a joy to make.

So off to create another bag now, then quick change and off to see Andy Parsons tonight.


KMCdesigns said...

lovely shiny new blog! well done :D

cloudhopping said...

thank you!