Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Yarn Snobbery

So the gentle clatter of bamboo knitting needles has ceased as, at last, the knitted shrug is finished. The wool ( a Debbie Bliss yarn, a soft blend of cotton, silk and viscose) is a wonderful burnt orange, sienna. The pattern although wasn't that quick - lots of knit 1, purl 1, lots of bringing the yarn back and forth, but it felt rhythmic and soothing.

Of course this has also resulted in my wool snobbery increasing by the minute - after using such a nice wool it will be impossible for me to use anything slightly below this standard. No squeaky wool for me. And if you've never heard yarn squeak I can only compliment you on never having had the misfortune of using cheap nasty wool.

And while I was tempted to keep this shrug on the basis that it matches my latest hair colour ( a mix of reds, browns and streaks of bleach) I felt the other shrug was getting lonely in my Etsy shop so I've put this one in in there too. For sale. So you may buy!