Tuesday, 22 April 2008

What's In The Box Today Dear

At some point on a Tuesday someone will ask the question "what's in the veg box today?".
For Tuesday is the delivery of our weekly organic vegetable box. Each week we peer inside to see what earthy delights await us, each week we will hold a vegetable aloft to exclaim about how fresh/fantastic it looks, occasionally we will hold something aloft with puzzled looks and ask "so what's this then?".

Since discovering the joys of having unknown vegetables delivered to your door, I have regularly eaten artichokes (couldn't tell you what they were before), have developed a taste for raw grated carrot, and have discovered the many and varied ways of cooking broccoli. There's more to broccoli than a stir-fry you know.

To compliment the veg box is a newsletter which usually contains snipets of vegetable life in the big wide world. Today's installment contained the following facts:
  • In one year, the world grows enough potatoes to cover a four-lane motorway going round the world 6 times.
  • The % of household income spent on food has halved over the past 50 years, from 33% to 15%.
  • The proportion spent on energy has also halved.
  • The balance has been spent on housing (up from 7 to 18%) and leisure (up from 8 to 10%).
Oh and butterflies use their antennae to smell and their feet to taste.

Happy carrot crunching!

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Kellybot said...

Oh, you're lucky! Our farm share doesn't start until the beginning of June. I can't wait for that "what's the heck is this?" moment.

Allison said...

I love learning about new veggies. Last summmer I finally figured out what to do with beets! ;]

Debra Lane Designs said...

Happy Earth Day!!!

I love veggies.....