Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Oh To Be 5 Again

This week has been a celebratory one, as the Small Daughter reached the excellent age of 5.

The birthday cake was made and decorated - and surprisingly I was able to hide the finished product from her until the grand occasion.

All Small Children insisted on helping with party bags to give to her friends at her party - I love using these white bags for children's parties, we change how we will decorate them each party, the final decision rests with the Party Child. Small Daughter wanted the boys to have pirate pictures and the girls to have fairy pictures, - no stereotyping there then.

I seem to find birthdays a reflective time - "goodness I remember celebrating your **th birthday with you!" to friends and family, with recollections of events that have long gone, some we are glad we left way behind us, some we wish we could recreate.

And when I looked at Small Daughter on her birthday, clever, funny, happy, independent, brave, I could recall the moment she arrived and the emotions of that day so clearly, it could have been last week. So I guess birthdays are not just about the cake.

But a fine cake it was.


oldbagcrafts said...

i love your blog!

Art By MAR said...

Wonderful birthday cake! Did you make it yourself? The older your children get the worse that reflecting back get LOL!

cloudhopping said...

yes I made the cake myself! Ended up with food dye all over my hands but worth it in the end!

twistedcloset said...

A very beautiful cake, indeed! My mum always made me beautiful cakes for my birthday. It made me feel so special.

beon and candy said...

i love the birthday cake you made,very beautiful cake!!!