Friday, 30 May 2008

Monkey Business

Small Daughter was asked what she would like for her impending birthday. She is used to seeing me browse pages and pages of Etsy shops and this has obviously influenced her, for top of her list was a Sock Monkey. So I went straight to Siansburys at Etsy and couldn't resist this adorable Lofty.

"Hi Sian just calling to let you know how
I'm settling in.."

"Just reading a few books"

"checking out the white chair"

"checking out the red chair"

"sunning myself on the patio"

"Fantastic! A climbing frame all for me!"

I think Lofty is going to be very happy here.


cutedesigns said...

Heehee, looks like Lofty is enjoying the new home. :D

Siansburys said...

Awww Harro Lofty! Glad you have found a nice home with a good variety of chairs :D x