Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Many Uses Of A Brooch

Have realised today that I haven't mentioned for a while what I am actually creating at the moment, and as those in the know (IE anyone who lives with me) can testify I am pretty busy everyday, armed with a crochet hook, a needle, a ball of wool or buried beneath shrouds of fabric. The sounds of "ouch!" that emanate from our house tend to belong to other people treading on a pin that I seem to have dropped on the floor. (Funnily enough I never seem to step on them myself.....well I find that mildly amusing anyway).

At the moment I'm having a bit of a brooch phase. Fabric and felt. Buttons may also be involved. And lots of thread. And having created quite a few (most are heading for a craft sale, some will veer towards Etsy) I began to deliberate on the many uses of a brooch. I shall begin with the obvious:
  • wear it on your coat
  • when the weather is too warm for a coat, wear one on your t-shirt
  • stick one on your hat (winter hat, summer hat, who cares!)
  • adorn your bag with one
  • attach one to a plant label and stick it in your house plant (trust me on this one, house plants need accessories too)
  • frame one (who else will have a brooch on their living room wall?)
  • wear one on your skirt
  • got a dull scarf? Then it needs a brooch!
  • decorate a pillow or cushion with one
So there we go, the 1st 10, I shall add more as my mind allows.`Please post any other suggestions too!

Happy brooch wearing.

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