Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Sound Of A UK Bank Holiday

A cold and damp Bank Holiday in the UK. Prospect of joining hoards of traffic searching for sun/warmth/amusement/activity/entertainment/peace did not appeal, nor did a day of listening to cries of "I'm bored" "What can I do now?".

But we were saved. By Julie Andrew and co.

Yes, The Sound Of Music was being aired across the land, so we settled down, curled up on the sofa, glued to the screen. We embarrassed ourselves by singing aloud, annoyed each other by singing aloud, got tearful when the nun told them they would never be alone when they crossed the mountains, and generally had a good time.

Today The Small Children insisted we watch it again.

They now know some of the words to the songs and replace words they don't know with any other that sounds vaguely similar.

"When the door bites, when the bee stings...."

(Which is highly amusing the first time, but less so the 200th)

Rain is forecast again this week, I hope Mary Poppins will be able to pop by........


ChichiBoulie said...

I love the Sound of Music AND Mary Poppins! Just wish they weren't dubbed in silly French over here.

cloudhopping said...

I can't imagine what they would sound like dubbed!

Sneddonia said...

Amusing probably :D

I'm glad you and your little ones like The sound of Music. I didn't get to watch all of it cos we had visitors. How rude :P

Paper Girl Productions said...

I adore the Sound of Music and admit I've probaly watched it at least 100x including in french which I don't even speak!

Angie said...

"when the door bites?" lol! My husband loves altering lyrics to well-loved songs.