Saturday, 17 May 2008

Wind The Bobbin Up

A few blog posts ago I let out a cry to the universe - "Please help me sort out this tangle of a thread mess!". And the Universe heard me. And replied. Firstly another Etsy seller, djbebe, kindly commented and sent me a link to a picture of a very organised thread box, then family members (my mum) became aware of my plight and sourced the land to supply me with the tools.

Firstly I was provided with this brilliant thread winder, simply slot in your piece of cardboard and wind, wind, wind. I found this strangely relaxing. Untangling knots was not. A knot was definitely not. Not to the Knot....oh - enough of the knots!

Then, much thread winding later, they were all given a new home. A shiny new thread box. Neat. And Tidy. No knots.

Spurred on by this strange state of neatness and order, I then developed an urge to tackle the abundance of buttons that were spilling out of my sewing box. As a small girl sorting through buttons would have given me immense pleasure, and I wondered if this was a genetic trait. I suggested my daughter join in the fun to test this theory. Not only did she join in but took complete charge of the Button Box, sorting by colour, texture and size.

Finished result? Buttontastic.


Lemon Shortbread said...

oh my that certainly looks very neat now, nice job!

niftyknits said...

hmmm - tidying yarn and other stashes - sounds like a plan to me!

My son has buttonphobia - or so he says - it's a "real" phobia, with a "real" name - koumpounophobia. wierd, eh?

BlossomingTree said...

Looks great. A pile of unorganized "stuff" is like kryptonite to me lol. I see it and have to back away. Eventually I make an effort to tackle it hahaha.

mary jane said...

oooh, i'm jealous...
i need to organize my supplies tooooo!
mary jane

Siansburys said...

wow, that looks great.. can you come round and sort my house out please?